MICHAELBRAILEY is an electronic musician, composer, curator, performer and DJ based between Manchester, UK, and Hamburg, DE.


His work flails amidst contemporary unrest, from the instantaneousness of digital space to the euphoria of heartbreak, from the boundlessness of queer identity to the biodiversity of ecology mid-collapse. Using text, lo-fi and hi-fi sound, instruments, performers, multimedia and audience perception, he attempts to encompass the vast expanse between the intimate and universal to find a sense of place within the tumultuous present day.

He has collaborated and worked with artists including The National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain, soprano Juliet Fraser, electronic artist Sam Kidel, ensemble The House of Bedlam, multimedia pianist Silvia Lucas, queer-dominated DJ collective boygirl and physical performance group SHOAL. He is soon to release EP 'the broken heart is more than a metaphor it is terraforming in action' on label Astral Plane Recordings. He has been performed in venues including the Royal Festival Hall, Tate Modern, Tate Britain and Snape Maltings. He has performed solo (live and DJ) across the UK and Europe, including Wigmore Hall (UK), Kampnagel (DE) and for crucial UK nights New Scenery (London) and Mutualism (Manchester). MICHAELBRAILEY has hosted on radio-stations including NTS and ma3azef, and has been written about in publications including FACT, THUMP and AQNB.

He curates VIRTUALLYREALITY, an events series programming adventurous new music and performance in Manchester since 2017.

He is currently studying for a Master's in Multimedia Composition with Alexander Schubert at HfMT - Hochschule für Musik und Theater (Hamburg, DE).

photography by Anastassia Radtsenko