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??/??/21 - New work for guitarist/performer Callum Coomber (Manchester, UK).

??/??/20 - Developing an extended version of solo performance heart the size of a world.

17/10/20 - Kompass Ensemble premieres new work entitled 'imagine telling another body to do something in today's day and age' @ depot.K (Freiburg, DE).

??/10/20 - Callum Coomber premieres new work @ FACT Liverpool (Liverpool/Manchester, UK).

12/10/20 - New online work featuring Callum Coomber entitled 'Arthropod Meditation', commissioned by FACT Liverpool (Liverpool/Manchester, UK).

??/09/20 - New online work for Bastard Assignments' 'Lockdown Jams' series (London, UK).

19/09/20 - Music for danceGrind Me by Marcelo Doño @ Lichthof Theatre (Hamburg, DE).

18/09/20 - Premiere of new music for danceGrind Me by Marcelo Doño @ Lichthof Theatre (Hamburg, DE).

07/09/20 - Guest mix on Rinse FM for Furious Styles (London, UK).


03/07/20 - Guest mix on NTS Radio for Astral Plane Recordings (via Los Angeles, CA). Listen back here (from 1hr30' onwards).


02/06/20 - Club MICHAELBRAILEY, a radio show/club mix celebrating my EP release on ma3azef.live (via Cairo, EG). Listen back here.


29/05/20 - New EP the broken heart is more than a metaphor it is terraforming in action released via Astral Plane Recordings (Los Angeles, CA). More info here.

27/05/20 - remove protection premiered via Mixmag. Listen here.

20/05/20 - waters of love music video premieres via AQNBMICHAELBRAILEY’s ‘waters of love’ romanticizes the post-digital through lo-fi pop psychoacoustics.

11/05/20 - I am a recipient of FACT Liverpool's 'FACT Together' online commissioning scheme. I will be developing a new audiovisual work with performer Callum Coomber (via Liverpool, UK).

13/03/20 - Electric Clouds with Iceboy Violet released via Bandcamp. Listen here.


09/03/20 - Radio show w/ guest Silvia Lucas from 6-8pm on Limbo Radio (Manchester, UK).

28/02/20 - Zakia Fawcett premieres Airborne Spatial Imaging Device for solo amplified viola and audio as part of Dialogues Festival @ Edinburgh College of Art (Edinburgh, UK).

26/02/20 - Playback of track remove protection @ Orchesterstudio, HfMT - Hochschule für Musik und Theater (Hamburg, DE).

15/02/20 - DJ set @ HfMT - Hochschule für Musik und Theater (Hamburg, DE).

15/02/20 - Silvia Lucas premieres THE BROKEN HEART IS MORE THAN A METAPHOR IT IS TERRAFORMING IN ACTION for solo piano, Agua de Florida, audio/video and standing audience @ Multifunktionsstudio, HfMT - Hochschule für Musik und Theater (Hamburg, DE).

07/12/19 - DJ set @ Kampnagel KMH (Hamburg, DE).

17/11/19 - I perform Be More Katydid, a performance lecture/guided meditation for solo performer, two videos, audio and audience @ Multifunktionsstudio, HfMT - Hochschule für Musik und Theater (Hamburg, DE).

08/11/19 - I Appreciate Your Concern released via Bandcamp. Listen here.

02/11/19 - DJ set @ Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof (Hamburg, DE).

25/10/19 - DJ set @ Kampnagel KMH (Hamburg, DE).

22/09/19 - DJ set for AYA on NTS Radio. Listen back here.

23/08/19 - Last Phone Call released via Bandcamp. Listen here


20/06/19 - Performing as part of 'Fracture Patterns' with Eartheater and Semiconductor @ NIAMOS (Salford, UK).

14/06/19 - I perform `,-._”-,h_ ‘e_a,”r t<`_ ,-_- t“h,e _-s-_-i’-ze -_ / o,f_ ._a “_.—w,o_.-rl-,_-d`_.-_,-“ , plus music by Larry Goves @ Snape Maltings' Aldeburgh Festival (Aldeburgh, UK). More info here.

09/06/19 - Presenting VIRTUALLYREALITY on NTS Radio with guest features from Jennifer Walshe and bod [包家巷] (Manchester, UK).

08/06/19 - VIRTUALLYREALITY presents: SWANfeaturing performances of Murat Çolak's SWAN, Catherine Lamb's Point/Wave and a live set from bod [包家巷] @ Hallé St. Michael's, Ancoats (Manchester, UK).

01/06/19 - DJ set with boygirl @ Partisan (Manchester, UK).

29/05/19 - Live set including performance of `,-._”-,h_ ‘e_a,”r t<`_ ,-_- t“h,e _-s-_-i’-ze -_ / o,f_ ._a “_.—w,o_.-rl-,_-d`_.-_,-“ @ CHUNK (Leeds, UK). More info here.

13/05/19 - VIRTUALLYREALITY presents: Care, featuring Andreas Borregaard performing Jennifer Walshe's SELF-CARE, Last Yearz Interesting Negro & Rowdy SS performing Fury1 and a live set from Iceboy Violet @ Soup Kitchen (Manchester, UK).

17/04/19 - Live set supporting Tirzah @ 24 Kitchen St. (Liverpool, UK).

12/04/19 - SHOAL perform . locator)  ` ª  - ddel,. .  0º¢', 4|î(&3d : .jpg "'` > -___  env<3 He‡A\R §[**`* no  on-e    6 .] . at VIRTUALLYREALITY presents: Bastard Assignments, SHOAL @ IABF (Manchester, UK).

09/04/19 - Live set for VIRTUALLYREALITY/Slip: Joe Snape, Laurie & Suze, MICHAELBRAILEY, including Manchester-debut performance of `,-._”-,h_ ‘e_a,”r t<`_ ,-_- t“h,e _-s-_-i’-ze -_ / o,f_ ._a “_.—w,o_.-rl-,_-d`_.-_,-“  @ Soup Kitchen (Manchester, UK).

02/04/19 - New performance in collaboration with SHOAL and Gareth Mattey at The Lowry (Salford, UK).

28/03/19 - New solo performance entitled `,-._”-,h_ ‘e_a,”r t<`_ ,-_- t“h,e _-s-_-i’-ze -_ / o,f_ ._a “_.—w,o_.-rl-,_-d`_.-_,-“ at Wigmore Hall (London, UK).

08/03/19 - New mixfile released with accompanying interview/editorial via low-arts-club (London, UK). Listen/read here.

14/02/19 - pull me in pull me closer, an edit of 'Focus' by Charli XCX released via boygirl as part of the 'focus' Valentine's day remix pack. Featured in FACT.

14/02/19 - Solo DJ set on HEADROOM / Intervention online radio with boygirl (Manchester, UK).

31/12/18 - DJ set with boygirl @ Partisan NYE (Manchester, UK).

02/12/18 - Live supporting AMMAR 808 @ Soup Kitchen (Manchester, UK).

30/11/18 - DJ set with boygirl for New Scenery @ Ormside Projects (London, UK).

08/11/18 - DJ set with boygirl @ Stage & Radio (Manchester, UK).

24/08/18 - New performance with Kanae Mizobuchi (Strasbourg, FR) for two performers (one native-speaking and one foreign-speaking), laptops, dictation software, audio and video @ Snape Maltings (Suffolk, UK).

21/08/18 - Premiere of new work entitled close distance (testone) for Juliet Fraser (voice), Kathryn Williams (alto flute) and myself @ Snape Maltings (Suffolk, UK).

18/08/18 - New performance with Andy Ingamells for two vocalising performers and two projectors @ Snape Maltings (Suffolk, UK).

13/08/18 - I will be a Britten-Pears Young Artist in residence at Snape Maltings (Suffolk, UK) for two weeks.

05/08/18 - Live @ Band On The Wall (Manchester, UK).

27/07/18 - Live for Cartier 4 Everyone @ Drop the Dumballs (Liverpool, UK).

20/07/18 - DJ set as part of TAAE Tramlines @ Audacious (Sheffield, UK).

26/06/18 - Premiere of new work entitled Searching, Revealing for violinist Stephen Bradshaw @ RNCM - Royal Northern College of Music (Manchester, UK).

23/06/18 - The Marvolo Quartet premiere   '    , "  .` - tin`y piec“,  `.   'es thru* the_a“,-  , ` .   tmosp_h ‘~ ere for amplified string quartet and audio/video for Marvolo Quartet and RNCM's Gold Medal Competition (Manchester, UK).

01/06/18 - DJ set for boygirl / Prestige Pak @ BarPop (Manchester, UK).

20/05/18 - Guest DJ set with boygirl for LOFT on NTS. Listen back here. 

26/04/18 - Premiere of screen_________________dive for two solo amplified voices with smartphones, at least fifty performers with smartphones, audio and video, premiered by Callum CoomberRosalind Ridout and RNCM's Brand New Orchestra (Manchester, UK).

19/04/18 - B2B DJ set with JG Jour (JEROME) for boygirl @ Common (Manchester, UK).

02/04/18 - Edits 2018 released via Bandcamp. Featured in FACT.


12/03/18 - Premiere of Three Colonisations for violin, tenor saxophone and percussion in collaboration with microbiologists Prof. Joanna Verran (Manchester Metropolitan University) for PRiSM, performed by Stephen Bradshaw, Simeon Evans & Aidan Marsden (Manchester, UK).

02/03/18 - VIRTUALLYREALITY presents: Submergence / Emergence at Partisan (Manchester, UK), featuring music by Kepla, Michael Pisaro, Michael Baldwin and Ryan Patrick Maguire.

17/02/18 - Live for Mutualism alongside Gribs, IceBoy_Violet, SGNL & MtMt @ Partisan (Manchester, UK).

14/02/18 - B2B DJ set with boygirl @ Common (Manchester, UK).

23/01/18 - New mixfile for JEROME entitled green screen love songs.

02/12/17 - Guest DJ set on NTSCastles In The Sky (Club C I T S) with Hesska. Listen back here.

17/11/17 - Late-evening DJ set as part of New Music North West @ RNCM - Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester.

13/11/17 - SHOAL (Manchester, UK) premiere . locator)  ` ª  - ddel,. .  0º¢', 4|î(&3d : .jpg "'` > -___  env<3 He‡A\R §[**`* no  on-e    6 .] . for four performers with smartphones at VIRTUALLYREALITY @ New Music North West @ RNCM - Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester.

13/11/17 - performers from the RNCM premiere a bespoke arrangement of Sam Kidel's Disruptive Muzak, arranged between myself and Sam, at VIRTUALLYREALITY / New Music North West @ RNCM - Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester.

11/08/17 - New podcast for Mutualism's Datastream series.

11/06/17 - Matt Lam performs ...without my wings... for piano, laptop and portable speaker at VIRTUALLYREALITY003 @ RNCM - Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester.

28/04/17 - New A/V performance of Intimacy Negator (Feel Me) [Live Version] with Idiotbox at VIRTUALLYREALITY002 @ Texture, Manchester.

06/04/17 - Live collage set at Poets & Players @ Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester.

15/03/17 - Dave Bainbridge and Callum Coomber perform Emulation Chain for two electric guitars, laptops, loudspeakers, devices and video projection at VIRTUALLYREALITY001 @ The International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester.

30/12/16 - Edits 2016 released via Bandcamp.

16/11/16 - Intimacy Negator (Feel Me) released via DISPLAY (on split cassette with WWWINGS via Apothecary Compositions) Premiered by XLR8R.

14/11/16 - Live @ The Whiskey Jar, Manchester.

27/10/16 - Matt Lam premieres ...without my wings... for piano, laptop and portable speaker as part of In Focus: Tansy Davies @ RNCM - Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester. Commissioned by RNCM.

02/10/16 - Ocean Hope - The Boy (MICHAELBRAILEY Remix) released via Hush Hush Records as part of the remix album Chamber Dreams: Remixes, Vol 2.

30/09/16 - Kastle - The Future (feat. MICHAELBRAILEY) released via SYMBOLS, with music video directed by J. Vash. Featured on Kastle's album Reflections. Premiered by THUMP and featured by NESTHQ.

28/07/16 - Echavox - Queen Of Heaven (MICHAELBRAILEY Remix) released via STYLSS on cassette.

12/06/16 - Premiere of new work for voice, piano and sample pad as part of Day of Song @ RNCM - Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester.

25/05/16 - Live @ Night & Day Café, Manchester.

21/05/16 - Resonata - Pariah (feat. Madi Larson) (MICHAELBRAILEY Remix) released via Bandcamp.

20/03/16 - Live @ Matt and Phreds, Manchester.

03/03/16 - Live @ RNCM - Royal Northern College of Music 'Studio Theatre', Manchester.


03/03/16 - Matt Lam and RNCM's Brand New Orchestra premiere Piano Concerto (Full body brace, completely broken body) @ RNCM - Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester.

28/02/16 - Weekend EP released via Hush Hush Records.

22/03/15 - Premiere of Breathing Room for four-channel system as part of Larry Goves' Decontamination #3 @ RNCM - Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester, UK.