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the broken heart is more than a metaphor it is terraforming in action

2020, EP released via Astral Plane Recordings [14'59"]

feathered comet [3'36"]

waters of love [3'50"]

remove protection [4'27"]

a bridge to you [3'06"]


listen/purchase here​.

20/05/20 - waters of love music video premiered via AQNB - MICHAELBRAILEY’s ‘waters of love’ romanticizes the post-digital through lo-fi pop psychoacoustics.

27/05/20 - remove protection premiered via MixmagListen here.


"...MICHAELBRAILEY has spent the past several years cultivating the ground where text, lo-fi and hi-fi sound meet. the broken heart is more than a metaphor it is terraforming in action is his most concise personal statement to date, as well as his APR debut, an examination of love as a selfless, celebratory one-way transmission. 

"Across four tracks, the Manchester artist explores lossy love as a product of post-digitality, reimagining data’s journey through the sky, across mountains and over oceans as worthy of dedication in and of itself. the broken heart seeks to elicit sensations of overwhelm, filtering an entire field of human emotion into a single, fallible human experience. 

"EP opener 'feathered comet' functions as a sensitive biological system narrowed into the scope of a sonic field, only to seep and swell beyond its boundaries. Voice is a tensile quantity, a control factor in a system constantly threatened by hard and soft noise. 'waters of love' follows as steady crescendo, an overlay of voice and voice-to-text culminating in cries of “I wonder if he feels it” and an insatiable whirl of strings and digital clicks. 

"'remove protection' follows as the broken heart’s most defined pop moment, an almost big room outgrowth that tethers protection and innocence in an almost intolerable dance. As closer, 'a bridge to you' features the stripping away of all else, leaving only dermal surface for voice and sprightly noise to scurry and flit across. 

"Short in length, the broken heart emanates a sensuous fatigue, the result of a virtual condensation process transmuting love across the heart-tech interface."

- Gabe Meier (Astral Plane Recordings)

‘the broken heart is more than a metaphor it is terraforming in action’ [APR125] released via Astral Plane Recordings 29.05.2020. all tracks composed, produced, recorded, performed and mixed by MICHAELBRAILEY. ‘waters of love’ co-produced and co-recorded by Kid Smpl and MICHAELBRAILEY. artwork by Helin Şahin (rendering) and MICHAELBRAILEY (photography). ‘waters of love’ music video directed by MICHAELBRAILEY and Christian Striboll, filmed by MICHAELBRAILEY and Yuri Akbalkan, styled by Chenggang Liu and MICHAELBRAILEY, with video wall projection by Christian Striboll. music video made possible by HfMT - Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg.

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