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Analytica Cruising Sewerland

2022, for multiple performers in an untended urban green space, audio and devices  [30']

commissioned by Zubin Kanga / Cyborg Soloists.

??/??/22 - performed by ??? at ??? (???, ??).


Over one mysterious evening in the 2010s, a gathering at a simulated and undisclosed queer cruising/dogging area blossoms into a recounting and engrained ritual on identity and identification in attempt comprehend whole-scale planetary sensing.
The area (suggested to be an imagined Swedish wilderness circa 2011) has psychogeographic qualities. It is haunted by the then-nascent 'Draingang' aesthetic, the geopolitical legacies of Cambridge Analytica and nondescript bright lights. The work aims to explore the illumination and superimposition of systems, gazes drifting in focus and telepathic communication.

'Analytica Cruising Sewerland' 
is the fourth piece in an emerging series of pieces concerned broadly with 'alt text'.

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