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heart the size of a world


2019, solo performance for myself - amplified voice, electronic processing and projector [6']

28/03/19 - performed by myself @ Wigmore Hall (London, UK).

09/04/19 - performed by myself as part of a live set for 'VIRTUALLYREALITY/Slip: Joe Snape, Laurie & Suze, MICHAELBRAILEY' @ Soup Kitchen (Manchester, UK)

17/04/19 - performed by myself as part of a live set for 'Tirzah' @ 24 Kitchen Street (Liverpool, UK)

14/06/19 - performed by myself @ Aldeburgh Festival (Aldeburgh, UK).


photography by Nadine Oliver.

'heart the size of a world' is a cold scan by tech, a moment of self-repair/disrepair observed from a safe distance.


Tech is a barrier from me to you, permitting secrecy and internal narratives to unfold in a false privacy. Yet, moments of transcendental communication - from stage to audience, between strangers, through antipodes, across worlds, over hearts - are glimpsed. Maybe these distances, so short yet so far, can be transcended together.


photography by Peter Goodbody.

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