isolation pieces

2020, text-scores/provocations for anyone during the COVID-19 lockdown period. Posted to Instagram. Continuously updating through lockdown.

Sometimes I think these pieces are responses to funding bodies' total disregard for my act of making things - an artwork, a funding application, a developed thought, making three meals a day, making it out of bed - in their pursuit of the final marketable product. But maybe these pieces are just about loneliness.


I am spending this period of self-isolation alone. There are fewer available means of sharing or creating work, and I currently have far less personal motivation for doing so. With an influx of short-term funding opportunities flooding my news feed to create forcibly uninspired work in nascent digital medias, I think to myself 'why should I be expected to create anything right now? why should I expect myself to enact moments of productive self-care today? why can't I be cryogenically frozen until this period is over?'


Some of my favourite text scores have always been small, discrete provocations that exist in and of themselves, halfway between instruction and poetry, an imagined reality. Maybe these pieces are my response to this period where the perpetual 'bored curiosity' (s/o Mark Fisher - if only he were alive to see this time) simmering under Capitalist Realist existence has finally bubbled to my surface. These are only proto-ideas, maybe bad ideas, half-imagined scenarios from a brain in lockdown, images of performances, sometimes unperformable, sometimes improbable, soft commandings to no-one.