2020, generative audiovisual work [duration variable]

??/12/20 - premiered by Bastard Assignments online (London, UK).


'THISPERSONDOESNOTEXIST' is a generative audiovisual work that explores the uncanny, points of origin and imperceivable work.


Unreal AI-generated people - trained off of datasets provided by the performers - are pressured into being. With faulty voices and malfunctioning faces they protest their existence, origin and autonomy to the founders of the tech start-up who made it possible for them to come into existence. The identities of all involved - performers, composers, algorithms, CEOs - blur together in surprising ways as meaning is learnt, rebuilt and deconstructed.



Concept, sound, text, video editing, programming - MICHAELBRAILEY
Performance, sound/image input dataset - Bastard Assignments (Timothy Cape, Edward Henderson, Caitlin Rowley, Josh Spear)
StyleGAN-2-based neural network - Laura Ibáñez

Voices developed using software by

Commissioned by Bastard Assignments for Lockdown Jams. Supported using public funding by Arts Council England.