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...without my wings...


2017, for solo piano, laptop and portable speaker [7']

11/06/17 - performed by Matt Lam as part of 'VIRTUALLYREALITY003' @ RNCM - Royal Northern College of Music (Manchester, UK)


27/10/16 - performed by Matt Lam as part of 'In Focus: Tansy Davies' @ RNCM - Royal Northern College of Music (Manchester, UK)

...without my wings... wrings a DIY Britney acapella through a volatile audio-to-MIDI converter to create decorous, pixelated piano material. This unfolds alongside swathes of highly processed electronic sound derived from the original acapella, which infiltrate the piano and cause its strings to resonate as if it were playing the piano itself.


The pianist performs from a score displayed on a laptop that flickers on and off, a light source that illuminates the pianist's face mid-performance.

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